LTO Licenses Help.Land Transport Company Philippines tips guide.

LTO Licenses Help.Land Transport Company Philippines tips guide.

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Just how to Verify automobile LTO dish amounts via SMS / text and know if it is carnapped or with worst record of apprehension

Discover literally countless reasons for confirmation of a vehicle’s plate number. To start, you have to understand that it isn’t so easy before when you wish to know to who an automobile is registered or if that vehicle enjoys a terrible record in the LTO when it comes to driver worry or if perhaps it’s alarmed when you look at the secure Transportation Office as a hot automobile or carnapped vehicle.

Here’s this short guidelines for all who want to obtain the details of a vehicle in as fast as 1 minute. Yes, believe me it’s simple to exercise at this lightning fast pace due to the fact LTO already had a process whereby all you have to perform would be to send a txt content (via SMS) to confirm any vehicle’s dish number and know if it is a hot vehicle (carnapped) or if this has a negative record in LTO. Understand instructions photo below.

By the authorship for this blog post, August 6, 2012, this txt and SMS system verification way still operates. I’m sure they because I have analyzed it simply now before posting they here for 100per cent reliability. I utilized my very own car to evaluate it out and presto! The results are extremely and interestingly 100% correct. You can consider it to see if it however works by:

With your cellular phone / mobile phone, merely input:

LTO VEHICLE [plate amount of your vehicle] and send to 2600 .


All you have to manage next techniques is to expect about 5-10 moments up until the auto-generated reply comes in your inbox.

LTO provides this technique while the fastes it has got actually provided opportunity to confirm an automobile standard suggestions and specs plus model quantity and make. To be exact, I inspected my personal email and these will be the information provided in auto-generated txt reply:

Car Plate – design – Year of Manufacturing – shade – Date Last Registered in LTO – LTO Apprehension/ data and LTO Alarm (if any, talking about whether your automobile might reported taken or carnapped because of the holder).

Please note this may now be utilised by the appropriate regulators to make the journey to thieves especially those carnappers whom see caught in a checkpoint so beware all you scumbags!

Unique notice: On per text cost, a sent information with confirmation will definitely cost the texter a Php 2.50. This text and SMS verification system by LTO was analyzed myself by myself in addition to very good news would be that it will be works for brilliant, Globe and sunlight Cellular consumers. I’m not sure if it will equivalent for Touch Cellphone, Red Cellular phone additionally the remaining portion of the telco companies.

For a thought for the automobile holder, in order to prevent staying too long when it comes to questioning of cops in a checkpoing or an army authority, all you have to perform should demonstrate to them the content while your motor vehicle is completely clear of any registers that could lead you to become apprehended, then you’ll definitely not need to remain too-long for questioning.

An excellent tip where you are able to make use of this system is for verification regarding the subscription of a second-hand car or put vehicle you should purchase. In this way, you may get assurance that it is clean before you decide to will shell out the dough or it’s too late. Understand that purchasing a hot vehicle may cause the same circumstances as a carnapper.

To Remember: This enrollment verification via SMS is effective only for exclusive autos> I’m not sure to this date if LTO are intending to integrate all cars earlier or if perhaps they currently included in the system / database of query for example (motorcycles, cab, tricycles, trucks, etc.). You are able to this method, but to make sure that whether it really does work for other vehicles when using the system. I don’t have a jeep, tricycle, truck or a motorbike to check it with the please bear with me. Alternatively, there are more related makes use of listed below extracted from the state site associated with LTO Philippines .

Some other LTO service via text message:

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