OkCupid recommendations initial appeared on Complaints panel on Jan 20, 2010.

OkCupid recommendations initial appeared on Complaints panel on Jan 20, 2010.

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OkCupid — scammers!

I joined OKCupid a week ago. Within each and every day I had found 3 various males whom all felt nice and authentic! One mentioned.

OkCupid — low-quality

OkCupid try a strange title for a website, like some Russian or Nigerian not too cozy with English would come up with. And it’s really not exactly no-cost: you need to pay for optimum qualities – IM (instantaneous information) included — which can be cost-free on websites. It offers a lot of ghost users: the ones with just a nickname no profile, although some failed to login for the past 4 to 14 months. We contacted them three times plus they never ever answered, so I gave up in it: as for Customer Support these are typically a huge 0 (zero). Their own matching experience suspicious as you would expect (evidently they use an infantile algorithm). And Spam is actually rampant .

Incorporate the view

Oops, sorry, i assume I found myself answering another commenter.

You don’t need to to pay for to I am on Sugar Daddy and single dating site OKCupid — how’d you develop that? IM might not run from the telephone, but that’s the phone. Make use of some type of computer.

On individuals with a nickname, but no profile, who has gotn’t logged on for several months — What makes your trying to get in touch with those individuals? The one thing I can contemplate is that they have actually a photo up you want. Is it? Okay, and that means you’re a shallow loser, and are also they. What’s the difficulties?

OMG. All Right. These are typicallyn’t «fake» or «ghost» profiles — they can be not close types. How much does it pertain to you? How does they influence you? Thus, they don’t really put an image up (you do not have to), as well as don’t submit the essays (they don’t really need). They answer questions so they are able getting revealed individuals just who could be of interest to them. What exactly is complicated about this? I can read group (especially female) who want to carry out the picking, not be contacted by strangers.

This «shooting gallery» while you refer to it as, is dumb, but harmless. I don’t know how you feel is «very smart» about any of it. It is photographs of individuals, that you can rate, should you want to. Nobody is told they’ve obtained the lowest get — you’re only advised if someone else scored your a 4 or 5. exactly how on earth usually terrible? Just don’t do it (I do not).

If people you make an effort to contact isn’t really getting in touch with your back, would it be because YOU’RE the shallow any? Or simply as shallow as them? Can you write to average looking women, or even to equivalent topper cent that everybody else produces to, as well.

Okcupid is an excellent Big Old Ripoff. I have reported on this panel elesewhere towards web site. I most recently returned to it really to find out if things have altered? But, Noooo. Same Old, Very Same. In reality, within the last month roughly, i have actually observed at the very least three of these vacant or «Ghost» profiles RESPONSE A CONCERN. Like, how does an «Icon», — No profile, No picture, No Data answer a question, e.g., «23 minutes ago», etc.? It’s simply a «Formula», a «Shooting Gallery», like mechanical Ducks at a carnival shooting Booth. The users just circulate and arbitrarily «pop-up» so that you could take a «Shot at», etc. Subsequently, they collapse all the way down and circle in again for the next someone to «Pop up», etc. Very smart, but very CRUEL, as you were having fun with people’s feelings. Without a doubt, some individuals are likely to connect on the website, however, i do believe most, very FEW. The majority of people on there most likely only «give upwards» and move forward, upset.

OKcupid.com — fake/false profiles

Fake user users must uncovered! I’ve lodged a complaint with screenshots as proof, but yet the.

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